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Friday, 7 September 2007

The Wednesday Gala Dinner

The magnificent sunset

Delegates enjoying the last rays of the sun on the terrace

The treat
We had a great night in perfect surroundings, didn't we!
I would have liked to upload a few pictures of the magnificent Altnaveigh House Band and the lady dancer, but usually it is a copyright issue with performing artists, and I don't want to violate their copyright. :-)
But they were amazing!


Minna said...

Timo, thanks for the photos. I think this virtual site is a marvellous opportunity for people who are not there in person to follow the conference. Hopefully this will be developed further next year to cover a larger variety of presentations at the conference. Best regards,
Minna Scheinin from Finland

Bart Bonamie said...

I checked YouTube, earlier, to see if I could find a video demonstration of the astonishing skills of the Altnaveigh House Band, but unless my searching skills still leave a lot to be desired, they're not there... Maybe they had copyright issues, indeed... :-)

Anonymous said...

Was that really a "treat"...did you leave the h out?