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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Can learner autonomy exist in formal learning?

Ruth Trinder from Vienna raised a valid point and re-opened the often taken-for-granted concept of autonomy: is it just another fuzzy buzzword? It is an educational objective, methodological approach, capacity, attittude... In CALL sometimes even assumed as an automatic bi-product of online learning.

She discussed the various variables of autonomy: confidence in lang learning abilities, learnt beliefs/educational history... (and that is how far I got before the slide disappeared... :( )

Her study has both qualitative and quantitive elements. In the quantative stages she has carried out a survey study where she was exploring autonomy in a blended learning course. The concept of autonomy was broken down into following constructs:

1. attitudes
2. confidence
3. behaviours
- active approach
- organised approach
- use of need learning strategies

---- The report from this session is a bit jumpy and sporadic, sorry about that. It would be great if Ruth would have a moment to fill in the bits I've missed here :) ----

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