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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Reflective practice in ICT integration

Sake Jager from the University of Groningen (remember to pronounce the second "g" with the Dutch throat sound) talked about ICT integration in the broad sense of the word (learning stoff, environment). He was using the Collin&Moonen (2001) integration framework where you integrate the technology with a strong pedagogical sense which is then layered with implementation and the institution. C&M argue that you always have to take all these aspects into account when planning for integration. In other words, it is about a systemic approach to integration: you can change one element in an organisation without affecting the rest. He also referred to D. Laurillard's conversational framework (2003) and the consequent research on university level. He also referred to David Barr's (2004) and P. Taalas (2005) research where integration is attempted and explored at the organisational level. Sake challenged also the concept "normalisation of CALL" (Bax, 2003) as the transition process has no ending point.

Sake introduced us to the Taal Vaardig (ready-for-languages) project at this university. The main idea of the project is to strengthen the collaboration btw lang departments and the lang centre, to develop the staff development schemes in language pedagogy, and to promote learning modes that support the development of learner autonomy.

Change is a slow process, but it is possible. Right?

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