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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

1st blog, Hurra!

Hi all,

Am doing the virtual strand workshop and just writing my first blog!

Just a thought: a big thank you to all the students who were at the airports, train stations, street corners etc yesterday ready to lend a helping hand with all kinds of info, especially the handy tips re pubs and restaurants in Portstewart (is that how you spell it??) :-))

Have a good conference everyone!



Fernando said...

I second that. The students were very helpful indeed.

AMZ said...

The virtual strand workshop was a great way to get hands on way to get right into the conference

Vance Stevens said...

Vance checking in here. I lost the computer (recharger no longer works, can't get it running) on which I had all the emails with instructions how to join these events. I'm trying to recoup via instructions linked from here. Not sure if I've missed the workshop Wednesday I'd signed up for. It's been a long workday. Anyway, I'll leave a crumb trail as I go. ^V^

Graham Davies said...

Vance, the workshop for the Virtual Strand was from 10am to 1pm (UK/Irish time)today. But people will be online over the next 3 days. The conference has got off to a good start.

Vance Stevens said...

Thanks Graham, cheers (hoisting Bushmills) - incidentally I hope people are TAGGING their blog postings 'eurocall2007' Checking, now, apparently not yet! Also, if you SEE any postings about the VS, please tag THOSE in http://del.icio.us - same tag, eurocall2007. Let's see how we all work in aggregate!