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Monday, 3 September 2007

Virtual Strand papers are all now online

The papers that will be presented via the Virtual Strand are now all online. They are:
  • Agnes Kukulska-Hulme & Lesley Shield, Can mobile devices support collaborative practice in speaking and listening?
  • Isabel PĂ©rez Torres, Webquest: a collaborative strategy to teach content and language on the Web
  • Vance Stevens, Mastering Competencies for Collaboration and Aggregation in Distributed Learning Networks
You can access all these papers via the Virtual Strand Website.

Online presentations are usually a little different from face-to-face presentations in that there is generally a lot more audience participation in terms of questions and discussion. So, if you intend to attend one or more of these presentations, please read the paper in advance and be ready to ask questions and/or discuss the content with the authors.

If you can't attend a presentation but would still like to discuss one or more paper, the authors will be opening discussion threads on the Virtual Strand Discussion Group (you'll need to register to take part in the discussion list). Like the papers, you can access the discussion group via the Virtual Strand Website.

So, come prepared with your thoughts, ideas and questions! We're looking forward to some interesting discussions.

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