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Friday, 7 September 2007

Task, Tool and Quality

Petter Karlstrom, presented research carried out together with his colleagues Ola Knutsson and Eva Lundin. The perspective taken on learning is the socio-cultural (language is the tool for learning). For more literature on second language learning from this perspective, see e.g. Thorne and Lantolf. For an interest in human computer interaction, see the works of Viktor Kaptelinin. (agree with you Petter, quite interesting works here). Theoretical concepts of relevance for analysis of the continued research and development with the environment GRIM, were "activity" (not to be understood as equivalent to task), "mediation" and "ZPD" (Zone of Proximal Development). The GRIM environment is a multipurpose linguistic tool which can be downloaded from http://skrutten.nada.kth.se/grim/install-en.html

The main research questions were to investigate how the environment was used, how students interacted with the environment, and what role GRIM plays in the students' writing. Research data was generated from video recordings, screen recordings, transcriptions, student essays and questionnaire.

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Petter Karlström said...

Thank you for posting about my talk here! It's always nice to see that others are interested, and that sociocultural theory is emerging as an approach in CALL.

I just wanted to add that there are handouts available at the conference office. I forgot to bring them to the talk, so if you're interested please pick them up there, or contact me and I'll give/send you one.

One more thing, the tool I presented, Grim, is available for download. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the latest version of Java. So if you install it, please be prepared to downgrade your Java environment (it's no big deal, but they've hidden away the controls somewhat).