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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Let's get going!

The virtual conference is gradually starting. Lesley and myself have arrived in Coleraine and are currently on campus at the executive committee meeting (see the picture). The weather is not perfect at the moment, but it is expected to get better during the week.

We are all set to go!

WELCOME TO EUROCALL 2007 either in person or virtually!


Graham Davies said...

Don't we all look great?

Graham Davies

Therese said...

Thanks Peppi,

I look forward to getting the online experience of the conference this year!

Peppi Taalas said...

Hi Therese! We were just talking about you and hoping that you will join us next year! Promise to be there? :)


Therese said...

I'll try my best! Would really have liked to be there now too... Hopefully I can get a sense of the excitement through the blog instead :-).

LindaBradley said...


It's nice that you can follow the conference from Sweden. Talk to you later!