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Friday, 7 September 2007

The Language On-Line Portfolio Project (LOLIPOP)

The Language On-Line Portfolio Project (LOLIPOP)

In this session Antje Neuoff presented the LOLIPOP project, a Web-based, interactive version of the European Language Portfolio (ELP). The ELP is well established as way for students to record their achievements as language learners, and now there are electronic versions of the ELP. There are several features of the LOLIPOP that make it distinctive, for example the interactive features that enhance the reporting and pedagogical functions. These include a feature that combines the reporting of “can do” statements (based closely on the CEF “can do” statements) with setting objectives for further language and intercultural learning.

The project runs in Moodle. I was particularly impressed by the examples of the resources that are being made available in wide range of languages. Antje showed examples in German of listening, speaking and reading materials, ranging from road signs (for reading at A1 level, I would guess) to a difficult spoken text (presumably around C1 / C2 level). The resources will be freely available and should be extremely useful for teachers and students in upper secondary and higher education.


Graham Davies said...

Sorry for typo. The presenter was ANTJE NEUHOFF.

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