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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Uschi Felix's plenary

This is an important post! It records Uschi Felix's announcement that she is retiring after this presentation and has chosen to make her last appearance at EuroCALL. She does not believe in speaking if you have nothing left to say!

So, the streamed/archive of this presentation is something you really need to see.

Peppi is going to add another comment about the presentation, but I wanted to say a big thank you to Uschi for raising the profile of the use of technology in learning and for being a good friend.

Thank you Uschi.

Now to listen to the presentation and to anticipate the koalas...

1 comment:

Peppi Taalas said...

I think right after the presentation (without much digest yet)that Uschi made at least two points:

1. In order to develop the field of CALL we really need to get our act together: our reserach needs to more rigid in its design, set-up, analysis and documentation. The energy currently invested in CALL research is partly wasted as there usually is something lopsided in the venture.

2. Our research scope needs to be expanded to encompass the changes in our environment but also be more geared towards the school context and be carried out in cooperation with teachers.

Valid points Uschi. Thank you for yet another enlightening presentation!